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Our Adventure Begins in the Early 1960's!

   This adventure begins where both Sheena and Eddie were born, Denver, Colorado. While Sheena spent most her childhood on the north side of Denver, Eddie grew up on the South side. It's amazing these two ever met.



    Shortly after Sheena and Eddie met, they moved in together into Eddie's condo in south west Littleton. Once they were married, they decided to move back into the city. While the Washington Park area was the goal, they were soon priced out of the area and found a fixer upper in University Hills. It was actually more than a fixer upper. More like a nightmare... But here we are.

Eddie and Sheena

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Mom and Dad Hackstaff on top of Mt. Evens - 1956

Sheena horse back riding for her birthday, Sept. 1992 - wearing a cast on the leg that was broken while climbing Hiamovi Peak.

Denver - Where We Live

The mile high city also known as the Queen City of the Rockies or the Gateway to the Rockies.

Home - Since January 1993 Eddie and Sheen have called the University Hills subdivision in South East Denver, home.

  The original home in University Hills. - 1993  Home - several remodels and a lot of "Blood, Sweat and Tears"...really! - 2007  Eddie (aka Griswold) gets a little carried away during the Xmas time of the year.
  Sheena enjoying time in the back yard with all the new plants. Eddie enjoying the swimming pool.  Eddie and Sheena weren't the only ones that enjoyed the pool. Each year, this couple would use the pool in the spring for their nuptials.   "The Pit" - formerly the shallow end of the swimming pool. Now a place we love to spend time enjoying the warm Colorado weather.   "The Wall" - Eddie's climbing wall in the garage.
  Our going away party before moving to England. (L to R) Candy, Judy, Kelly and Conrad   Eddie and Kelly getting ready for the going away party.   The remodel nightmares begin. The 1st step, bigger closet. - 1994   Sheena dressed for success to remove the wall of cork, rock-wool insulation and probably asbestos. - 1996   The June 2007 Forest Fire smoke from our house.
  The December 2006 Denver Blizzard aftermath.   Eddie finally gets to use the snow blower   Snow drifts in the front of the house.   Eddie having too much fun!   With 110 feet of driveway, the snow blower paid for itself!
  The Denver Botanic of our favorite Denver hang outs.   SE Denver hosts a great festival each year on Memorial Day weekend that includes live music.   Harvard Gulch trail's east end starts just near University Hills subdivision and wanders for 3+ miles west. Eddie loves to take this trail to a coffee shop - about a 3 mile walk.   The downtown Denver REI is a favorite haunt for most outdoor enthusiasts.   Washington Park is another great place to hangout in Denver. Eddie and Sheena have enjoyed the park now for a few decades. It never grows old.


Westcliffe, Colorado



  Nephew Daniel Lueck, hiking on the Westcliff property.    .  


Misc. Colorado Outdoors


  Riding in the Rampart Range ATV area.