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The Adventure Begins in 1975!

   In 1975 Eddie was only 15 years old when his dad talked him into hiking his first mountain with a summit elevation over 14,000 feet. Eddie had already been up several lower elevation peaks, not any easier, but the air and the adventure just seemed different once the 14,000 foot mark was crossed. As the years have gone by, many of the peaks are becoming a blur and so it has come time to get these hikes documented. Below you will find a log/diary of the peaks climbed, and a couple attempted but not finished. The image quality isn't always the best, especially when I am scanning a 3rd generation copy of an original slide. They tend to get a little fuzzy like the 1975 images of Grays and Torreys.

    We hope you enjoy our little collection of information about our hikes up some of the Fourteeners

Eddie and Sheena

A lot of the links on this page take you to information found at This is an incredible site and I encourage you to spend time viewing the loads of content.

  Mount Elbert - 14433 ft /4401 m elevation, The highest in Colorado - solo
This is one peak with too many false summits. This is one of the peaks that Eddie decided to run. The summit approach was more of a shuffle than a run but nothing was worse than continually hitting what looked like the high point just to see another high point a little further away. Ouch!

Climbed - 7/6/1985

 Eddie on the summit   Looking north from the summit at Mt Massive, the 2nd highest peak in Colorado.   Looking at LaPlatta Peak from the summit.

  Mount Massive - 14421 ft /4396 m elevation, 2nd highest - solo
Second time was a charm after getting stormed off on the first try.

1st Try - 8/4/1989
Climbed - 8/11/1989 (yes, that was 1 week later)

  Looking for photos    
 Mount Harvard - 14420 ft /xxxx m elevation, 3rd highest
Close but no cookie! Sheena and Eddie turned back by weather.
  Looking up the valley toward the snow covered slopes of Mt. Harvard.   Sheena walking up the slopes below the summit before another storm started settling in.   Mt. Harvard as seen from the Missouri basin
 Blanca Peak - 14345 ft /xxxx m elevation, 4th highest      
  La Plata Peak - 14336 ft /4370 m elevation, 5th highest
Eddies 2nd summit bid, the first being an attempt on the Ellingwood Ridge. August 1992
  Eddie and sister Juli on the summit of La Plata peak - 1992   A pasted together view of the Ellingwood ridge that Eddie attempted previously with Deon but was turned back by weather.  
 Uncompahgre Peak - 14309 ft /xxxx m elevation, 6th highest      
 Crestone Peak - 14294 ft /xxxx m elevation, 7th highest      
  Mount Lincoln - 14286 ft /4356 m elevation, 8th highest - (7/27/85) with Mark Brown
The first time Eddie ever hiked four 14'ers in a day!
  Eddie on the summit   Mark Brown on the summit  
  Grays - 14270 ft /4352 m elevation, 9th highest
My 2nd 14'er and 2nd in 1 day!!! Not a bad way to start. I can't thank my dad enough for turning me on to this whole hiking the hills "thing"! August 1975.
  The trail with Grays on the left and Torreys on the right   Eddie at the summit with his trusty hiking partner, Barney.   Heading back down Grays.
  Mount Antero - 14269 ft /4351 m elevation, 10th highest - August 1990 Eddie with Matt Kholhaus   On the jeep trails near Mt. Antero before hiking the rest of the way to the summit   Eddie, Matt Kohlhaas and Matts' mutt, Roxie, on the summit  
  Torreys Peaks - 14267 ft /4349 m elevation, 11th highest
MY FIRST!!! The first time Eddie ever hiked above the 14,000 foot level! Even though Juli and Michelle Lang (?) didn't make the summit, the three "men" made it. Dad, Eddie and Barney! August 1975.
  Looking across the saddle at Torreys  The summit.   Eddie on top of his 1st 14'er!
 Castle Peak - 14265 ft /xxxx m elevation, 12th highest      
  Quandary Peak - 14265 ft /4348 m elevation, 13th highest
Not a bad day for good old #13...
  Eddie on the summit of Quandary. Nice legs!   Looking NW from the summit. You can see (L - R) Atlantic, Pacific and Crystal peaks.   Looking South from the summit. You can see (L - R) Traver, McNamee, Clinton and Drift Pk.
  Mount Evans - 14264 ft /4348 m elevation, 14th highest
An "honest" hike up Mt. Evans from Guennella Pass, over Mt. Bierstadt via the sawtooth ridge with a return over Mt. Spalding and Mt. Gray Wolf. Not a bad days hike!
  On the summit of the Sawtooth on the West ridge of Mt. Evans.   On the summit getting ready to head to Gray Wolf Peak.  
 Longs Peak - 14255 ft /4346 m elevation, 15th highest
Close, but no cookie! In 198? Eddie and a group of friends headed up the trail. After a few miles in the group was traveling a bit slow so Eddie started running. After working past crowds in the boulder field he headed through the key hole to a solid line of fellow hikers. Talking to several of the hikers, word was that there was a 15 - 30 minute wait at the summit to sign the register. Not quite an outdoor experience so he turned around and headed down the trail to meet friends and head to a Boulder Bar! No Summit!
  Longs peak looking at the Diamond.    
 Mount Wilson - 14246 ft /xxxx m elevation, 16th highest      
  Mount Cameron - 14238 ft /4340 m elevation - (7/27/85) with Mark Brown
Maybe not a "ranked" 14'er, but I count it!
  Mt. Cameron from the summit of Mt. Bross   Eddie on the "summit". Mt. Democrat in the background.  
  Mount Shavano - 14229 ft /4339 m elevation, 17th highest - 1990 solo
This was one of the scariest peaks Eddie ever hiked after getting stuck on the return over Tabeguache in a lightning storm. August 1991
  On the summit. The storm clouds can be seen approaching. Eddie would not make it back over Tabeguache before it closed in.    
  Mount Belford - 14197 ft /4330 m elevation, 18th highest - Early July 1990 solo   A view from the summit showing (L-R) Emerald, Iowa and Missouri.   Mt. Harvard from the summit of Mt. Belford.   Eddie on the summit.
  Crestone Needle - 14197 ft /4327 m elevation, 19th highest - Sept. 1987 with Deaun Schovajsa
This ranks as one of Eddies best climbs, when he climbed it via the Ellingwood Arette.
A panoramic view of the range from the summit of Humbolt Peak. Left to right is the Crestone Needle, Crestone Peak and Kit Carson.
  Crestone Needle - looking toward the Ellingwood Arette.   Eddie and Deaun Schovajsa on the summit with climbing gear racked and ready for the decent.   Deaun Schovajsa signing the summit register. Gotta love those lycra clad 80's
  Mount Princeton - 14197 ft /4327 m elevation, 20th highest - (9/1/90) Eddie with Glen Marlin   The trail up the east face of Princton commends one of the most spectacular views of the Arkansas river valley that there is.   The trail continues along the face until just below the saddle between the summit and a minor summit to the south.   Eddie and Glen on the summit.
  Mount Yale - 14196 ft /4327 m elevation, 21st highest - (8/11/90) Eddie with Glen Marlin   Looking at Mascot Peak from the slopes of Yale   Eddie and Glen on the summit.  
  Mount Bross - 14172 ft /4321 m elevation, 22nd highest - (7/27/85) with Mark Brown
This being the 4th peak this day, it was a quick tap and start jumping down the slopes.
  Looking toward Mt. Bross from Mt. Lincoln   Eddie on the summit with Mt. Democrat in the background.  Mark Brown on the trail.
  Kit Carson Peak - 14165 ft /4317 m elevation, 23rd highest
This has to be one of Sheena and Eddie's funnest trips to a 14'er! Borderline disaster when Eddie realized he forgot his only waterproof jacket by the door at home. Summited 7/5/1996
  Eddie on the trail to the peak  Looking at Kit Carson (L) and Crestone Peak (R) from the summit.  The trail along the steep flanks of Kit Carson
  Sheena approaching the summit with Mt. Humbolt in the background.   Sheena and Eddie on the summit.      
 Maroon Peak - 14156 ft /xxxx m elevation, 24th highest      
  Tabeguache Peak - 14155 ft /4317 m elevation, 25th highest
This was one of the scariest peaks Eddie ever hiked after getting stuck on the return over Shavano in a lightning storm. August 1991
  Looking at both the summit of Tabeguache (L) and Shavano (R)   Looking up the summit ridge of Tabeguache   Eddie on the summit with Shavano in the background.
  Mount Oxford - 14153 ft /4316 m elevation, 26th highest - (date?) solo, camped with sister Juli and her boyfriend Scott
Generally hiked via Mt. Belford...
  Eddie on the summit Mt. Oxford.   Looking back at the summit of Mt. Belford from the summit of Mt. Oxford.  
 Mount Sneffels - 14150 ft /xxxx m elevation, 27th highest      
  Mount Democrat - 14148 ft /4314 m elevation, 28th highest (7/27/85) with Mark Brown
The first of four 14'ers in one day!
 Mt. Democrat from the summit of Mt. Bross.   Eddie on the summit. Mark Brown on the summit. 
 Capitol Peak - 14130 ft /xxxx m elevation, 29th highest      
 Pikes Peak - 14110 ft /xxxx m elevation, 30th highest      
 Snowmass Mountain - 14092 ft /xxxx m elevation, 31st highest      
 Mount Eolus - 14083 ft /xxxx m elevation, 32nd highest      
 Windom Peak - 14082 ft /xxxx m elevation, 33rd highest      
  Challenger Point - 14081 ft /4317 m elevation, 34th highest
OK, when we did this it wasn't an official 14'er, so no summit photos. It was just a high point on the way to Kit Carson. Summited 7/5/1996
  Sheena coming up the steep slopes below the summit   Eddie and Sheena on the summit   The summit plaque that honors the astronauts lost in the Challenger space shuttle explosion.
 Mount Columbia - 14073 ft /xxxx m elevation, 35th highest
The plan was to hike this after summitting Harvard, but after weather and time tuned us back from the summit, Columbia was not an option
  Mt. Columbia from the slopes of Mt. Harvard.    

  Missouri Mountain - 14067 ft /4289 m elevation, 36th highest
The 1st time Eddie climbed the peak was with Juli and her boy friend.
The 2nd time both Eddie and Sheena climbed it in conjunction with Emerald and Iowa.

  Looking up the summit ridge of Missouri   Juli, Scott and Sherpa hiking up the summit ridge.   Sherpa, Scott, Juli and Eddie on the summit
  A view of Missouri, Belford and Oxford (L to R).   A REAL quick summit photo and head down with lightning and thunder behind.   Sheena signing the summit register.   Our camp below the slopes of Mt. Missouri and Iowa Peak. Mt. Harvard can be seen in the background.  
  Humbolt Peak - 14064 ft /4287 m elevation, 37th highest
An incredible vantage point to see the Crestone Needle which Dion and Eddie climbed the day before.
  Next time Eddie, TRY to get into the photo before the shutter clicks!    
  Mount Bierstadt - 14060 ft /4285 m elevation, 38th highest
What Eddie would consider to be the "Best Value" 14'er from Denver, it is the closest 14'er to Denver without a road to the summit like its neighbor Mt. Evans. While Eddie has been to the summit 10+ times, Sheena has also summitted from the more challenging West ridge.
  Looking toward Grays and Torreys, Eddies 1st and 2nd 14'ers from the summit of Bierstadt - 1979   Barney (with Eddie) on the summit of Mt. Bierstadt. Eddies 3rd 14'er - 1979   Another hike up Mt. Bierstadt in 1981 with Barney and Leslie Sly.
  In the 80's Eddie started climbing with co-worker Mark Brown. This time to climb Mt. Bierstadt in winter.   We used snow shoes most of the way due to the deep snow over the lower willows.   As we got higher the snow got much firmer.   Just below the summit ridge the snow shoes came off for easier hard snow.   Mark Brown taking a rest and putting on crampons
  One last clear view across Guanella Pass toward Mt. Square Top, before the clouds set in.   Mark Brown reaching the summit in the storm. Just to the left of Mark are the summit cliffs that drop to the east.   Eddie on the summit of his first winter ascent of a 14'er!   In 199x, Sheena and Eddie backpacked in on the Abyss Lake trail that follows the valley in this photo.   After a beautiful night, started up the south ridge. Here's looking back down the ridge.
  Looking up the last stretch of the south ridge before joining the crowds on the standard rout from the west.   Sheena and Eddie on the summit with Mt. Evans behind.      
 Sunlight Peak - 14059 ft /xxxx m elevation, 39th highest      
 Handies Peak - 14048 ft /xxxx m elevation, 40th highest      
 Culebra Peak - 14047 ft /xxxx m elevation, 41st highest      
 Ellingwood Point - 14042 ft /xxxx m elevation, 42nd highest      
 Mount Lindsey - 14042 ft /xxxx m elevation, 43rd highest      
 Little Bear Peak - 14037 ft /xxxx m elevation, 44th highest      
  Mount Sherman - 14036 ft /4278 m elevation, 45th highest
A wonderful hike up both Mt. Sheridan (to get the photo of Mt. Sherman) up to the summit of Mt. Sherman and down along the white ridge. The weather was great, albeit windy!
  Mt. Sherman as seen from Mt. Sheridan (13,748 ft).   Eddie on the summit. Hold on to the good luck Lear Jet hat!   The old mining town below Mt. Sherman
  Eddie, Sheena and Suzanna Koeller on the summit 7/27/2012. This was on their way to Gemini Peak. You can see the twin summits of Gemini to the right.   A good view of Mt. Sherman from the slopes of Horseshoe Mt.      
 Redcloud Peak - 14034 ft /xxxx m elevation, 46th highest      
 Pyramid Peak - 14018 ft /xxxx m elevation, 47th highest      
 Wilson Peak - 14017 ft /xxxx m elevation, 48th highest      
 Wetterhorn Peak - 14015 ft /xxxx m elevation, 49th highest      
 San Luis Peak - 14014 ft /xxxx m elevation, 50th highest      
 Mount of the Holy Cross - 14005 ft /4269 m elevation, 51st highest   One of the many post cards in my collection of Colorado mountain post cards.    
  Huron Peak - 14003 ft /4271 m elevation, 52nd highest
Way too much fun when you don't even realize when you've reached the summit! Eddie didn't realize he had reached the summit until he saw the summit register and opened it. Summited 8/18/89
 Mt. Huron for just a moments view during a break in the clouds.   Eddie on the summit   Proof that this was the summit.
 Sunshine Peak - 14001 ft /xxxx m elevation, 53rd highest