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This is our history of hiking in Colorado

   While Eddie has been hiking and climbing most of his adult life, it was all new to Sheena. Within the first couple hikes and climbs, Sheena proved that she was more than capable in the outdoors.

 On this page we will share some photos and stories of our hikes and climbs. Use the links on the left of this page to visit some additional hiking and climbing related sites. We hope you enjoy.

Eddie and Sheena

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 Denver Front Range

  Beaver Brook Trail - The trail is probably one of the older front range trails. It starts near Golden at Windy Point (7,049 ft) and wanders it's way 9 miles to a trail head near Genese Park (7,414 ft). This can be considered a difficult trail that with a lot of elevation gain and loss (+- 1000 ft). It can be linked up with several other trails including the Chavez trail.   Hiking in the Denver foothills with Mark Bogert around 1972   Mark (L) and Eddie (R) on our little cliff.  
  Maxwell Fall Trail - The trail head (Elevation - 7,800 ft.) is   The Maxwell Falls cliffs where Eddie did his early learning to top-rope, lead, boulder and solo.   The view of the cliffs from above the falls   Eddie's sister Juli and niece Sabrina at the falls on a spring day. By fall, this slows to a trickle.
    Candy and Conrad enjoying the trail.      
  Sharptail Ridge - The trail head (Elevation -TBD ft.) is    
  Waterton Canyon - The trail head (Elevation -TBD ft.) is The head of Waterton Canyon and Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail. It's also considered the end point for Segment 1 of the Highline Canal Trail. Typical traffic congestion in the canyon
  The spill way in the winter (January 2020)   The spill way in the summer (June 2012)   Out with the Colorado Mountain Club (January 4, 2020)  
  Bear Creek Trail from Lair-o-the-Bear- The trail head (Elevation - 6,450 ft.) is one of the more crowded trails in the front range, but on a week day can still be enjoyable. A map of the trails around the park. Entrance to Bear Creek Trail A great Valentines day 2020 hike with the Colorado Mountain Club.
  Feb 14, 2020 Feb 14, 2020   The view from Panorama Point. About 4 miles from the trail head. The view of the Mt. Evans group was spectacular this day.   The view from Panorama Point of the James Peak group.  
  South Valley Park Trail - The trail head (Elevation -TBD ft.) is    

 Mount Evans Region

   Just West of Denver, this region was accessible from Eddie's first house in about 45 minutes making it a great region to visit. With two 14'ers and a few other peaks we've spent plenty of time here. Eddie has hiked Mt. Bierstadt over 20 times. Most of these trips done while getting ready to climb Mt. Denali.

  Three Mile Creek Trail #635 - A stunningly beautiful trail with 13 river crossings (bridges and logs) before heading up the slopes toward Katake Mountain and joining the Rosalie trail.   Click here for a map.   Three Mile Creek Trail in the Fall   Eddie on the Three Mile Creek trail
  Three Mile Creek Trail in the Winter     Three Mile Creek in the Winter   Three Mile Creek in the Winter    
  Rosalie Trail #603 - OK, we've never hiked the trail from Guenella pass. We usually follow the Abyss Lake trail to the junction with the Rosalie trail and then head South East.   Click here for a map.     Roselie Trail in the Mt. Evans wilderness area.
  Abyss Lake Trail #602 - The Abyss Lake Trail is a popular hiking trail (Trail head elevation - 9,620 ft.), which terminates at Abyss Lake. The lake is nestled in a high glacial cirque between Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans. The rocky slopes surrounding the lake are home to bighorn sheep and mountain goats.   Click here for a map.   Sheena at camp on the Abyss Lake trail.
      Eddie at camp on the Abyss Lake trail in the Mt. Evans wilderness area.      

  Burning Bear Trail #601 - The trail head (Elevation - 9,620 ft.) is approximately .2 mile west of the parking area for the Abyss Trailhead. As it curves around the valley, it stays to the north side of the slopes making this a great trail for skiing and snow shoeing.


  Herman Gulch Trail #98 - The trail head (Elevation - 10,400 ft.) is right off I70 at exit 218, three miles west of Bakerville. This trail is popular for the spectacular alpine flowers in the spring.

  A view of our goal as we start out of the trees.  Sheena and Candy bringing up the rear with their zest for gab.  Conrad at our destination.
  A little bit of the later (July) blooming alpine flowers   Candy and Conrad at the lake.   Sheena and Eddie at the lake.    

 Indian Peaks Region/Wilderness Area

   Just West of Boulder, is the area that Eddie cut his hiking teeth on.

  Middle St. Vrain Valley -      
  Hells Valley -      


Western Colorado


  Colorado National Monument -   Sheena over looking the valley we will hike at the Colorado National Monument. (2/92)   Eddie on the trail dropping into the valley. (2/92)   Looking down the trail into the valley the trail will wander through. (2/92)
  The trail through the valley (2/92)   The kissing couple tower in the foreground and Independence Monument in the distant right. Otto's route is on the other side. (2/92)   Sheena enjoying a rest in Colorado National Monument. (2/92)   Rock formations along the trail.   The rock formations from the rim.