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The sign at Kenosha Pass

   As we have become older and the knees and feet don't care as much for the rough trails or off trail tree bashing, we started looking for trails that would make you know you were in the mountains, yet not leave you in a lot of pain. The Colorado Trail is the ideal trail. Well maintained, but still makes you work for it. This is the documentation of our hikes on the Trail.

    In 2014 Eddie volunteered for the 1st time to make trail repairs on segment 1 as a part of the WE1 trail crew. It was a great time and met some wonderful people.

Eddie and Sheena

Segment 1 - Waterton - South Platte
Eddie and Sheena had hiked the west part of the trail several times as just a day hike, but we needed to do the entire segment. We decided the easiest way to complete the segment was to start at the South Platte and hike east. This was mainly due to vehicle staging and drop-off. Eddie's sister Juli (and friend) picked them up at Waterton and dropped them at the South Platte. The hike was on the way.

Complete 6/23/2012 - Eddie, Sheena, and Suzanna Koeller

Rating - ** - Waterton canyon in the summer is a nightmare. Almost half of the hike is on the road in the canyon and it can get extremely hot.

 The South Platte start with Eddie, Sheen,a and Suzanna Koeller. The bridge behind in the start of segment 2.  While climbing out of the canyon, the views of the Buffalo Creek fire scar are stunning. Raleigh peak can be seen where Eddie spent several years climbing and putting up new routes. Segment 2 follows the burn line and skirts the right of Raleigh peak.  Sheena and Suzanna on the trail ascending out of South Platte canton.
 When the morning sun crested the ridge, it lit up the wild flowers with stunning colors.  This patch of grass that was blooming was a stunning site in the morning sun.  The wildlife along the trail is always a joy. While this butterfly was serene and calming, the bear Eddie saw a little later was nerve racking.  After dropping into Waterton Canyon, the sight and sound of Strontia Springs Dam was a clear warning of the long hot road ahead that would blister everyone's feet and cause some heat exhaustion.  The end of the hike at the east end of the Colorado Trail. The Waterton Canyon parking lot was a very welcome site with a refreshment stand full of liquid gold (cold water and Gatorade)!

  Segment 2 - South Platte - Little Scraggy Trail Head
Eddie has hiked and camped along the segment for years as part of his climbing around Raleigh peak. Since the Buffalo Creek fire, the Forest Service sold off much of the land and access to off-trail areas is limited by the private owners (ass holes)! Eddie had the pleasure of doing trail repair on this section with the Colorado Trail Foundation (CTF) in 2014.

Complete 5/18/2013 - Eddie, Sheena, Suzanna Koeller, Brett Traudt, and Godiva (the dog)

Rating - *** - This segment is also difficult in the summer due to the heat. This is a dry segment with little vegetation and no water.

 Once again due to the car coordination, it was easier to start at the west end at the Little Scraggy trail head and hike to the east. This is Sheena, Suzanna Koeller, Brett Traudt, and Godiva (the dog) When entering the Buffalo Creek burn area, a bicyclist snapped a photo of the group. Raleigh peak can be seen to the left.   These girls are having way too much fun. Don't they understand this is a hike and it's supposed to be hard work (not)!
 Any day on the trail is a great day. You can tell Eddie is having a great time also.  Near Raleigh peak there are lots of rock out croppings to scramble around on.  Brett, Suzanna, and Sheena coming through the burn area near the end of the hike.  Even in the devastation of the burn, beautiful wild flowers begin to fill in.  Back at a familiar spot at the South Platte trail head. Eddie and Sheena are looking a little tired.

  Segment 3 - Little Scraggy Trail Head - Wellington Lake Road
Eddie hiked the 1st part from the Little Scraggy trail head while exploring the area. The 2nd time Eddie, Sheena, and Suzanna started at the Shinglemill trail head but since the 2nd driver had to back out at the last minute, this hike turned around at the Meadows Group CG. Finally, Eddie returned and finished the last section round trip from Meadows Group CG into the Lost Creek Wilderness on segment 4 and back.

Complete 11/2/2012 - Eddie, Sheena, Suzanna Koeller, and Godiva (the dog) in 3 parts

Rating - *** - This is a very nice section, but no great views and can be crowded with bikes.

 The start of another great day. Stopped by the familiar Little Skraggy parking lot and then Eddie, Sheena, Suzanna, and Godiva were off to hike the trail.  A beautiful fall day made for great aspen tree colors. The trail was generally good except for bikes trying to run over hikers and the bike damage to the trail.  There were some views every once in a while where the cliffs that Eddie has spent years climbing were viewable. In the distance to the right, Cathedral Spires can be seen.
 Eddies' "girls" at the Meadow Group CG having a bite to eat before turning around and returning to the Shinglemill trail head.  Some more wonderful views of the aspen colors against the cliffs.  Eddie and Sheena at the Shinglemill trail head after a great hike.  Just a photo Eddie took of the trail sign at the end of segment 3 at Wellington Lake road.  Eddie decided to continue on a little further onto segment 4 to do some recon for a backpacking trip. This was the lunch and turnaround spot.

  Segment 4 - Wellington Lake Road to Long Gulch
This was done east to west as a backpacking trip from Long Gulch to Wellington Lake Rd. due to car logistics.

Complete 6/22-23/2013 - Eddie, Sheena, Suzanna Koeller, Brett Traudt, and Godiva (the dog)

Rating - ***** - Can you say Freak'n AWESOME?!

 The start of our favorite segment to date. We decided to use this segment as a practice backpacking trip. The gear hadn't been used in over 10 years so this trail was a great opportunity.  Juli Cooley, Kristen Pederson, Carol Thomas, and Marcus Thomas were the car shuttle crew. They were a great addition to the team.  Not far uphill from the parking area is the access to the CT. To the right is segment 4 and 8 miles to our camping spot.
 The 1st 2 miles are uphill on a nice trail with good views of South Park. Sheena and Suzanna are looking great for carrying backpacks. The support team is just behind.  At 2 miles, the uphill stops and enters along downhill valley. This is where the support team turned around and shuffled the cars.  The trail was absolutely stunning. Godiva had a great time staying just ahead of the team.  A great view of the valley. The trail stays to the right for the next 5 miles to the camp site.  The trail hugs the treeline making for great views for several miles. Sheena, Suzanna, and Brett enjoyed a leisurely walk down the valley.
 As always, the butterflies are fun to watch along the trail.  An unlucky hikers' last resting place.  The evergreens were in full bloom during the hike, which made for clouds of pollen when ever the wind blew.  Brett and Eddie ready to start day 2. Another 8 miles to the car and cold beer in the cooler.  Sheena entering the Lost Creek Wilderness. A good assurance of no bikes for the next 7 miles!
 This section of the segment had the most stunning aspen stands the team had ever seen.  The aspen were incredibly tall and healthy. The wild flowers below the aspen were in full bloom.  Even the springs were lush and green. It was a sight to just stand on get lost in.  The most prevalent flower in the aspen stands was were columbine, Colorados' state flower.  YEAH! The car was where we were planning and the beer hadn't been pilfered. What an incredible segment!

  Segment 5 - Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass
This is the segment that drove home the need to have a car shuttle crew. It took hiking this segment in 4 parts due to the in-and-out logistics without a 2nd car.

Point G to F 6/12/2011 - Eddie and Bob Griffith
Point D to B 7/10/2011 - Eddie and Suzanna Koeller
Point D to F 10/15/2011 - Eddie solo

Complete point A to B 10/23/2011 - Eddie and Sheena

Rating - **** - Beautiful segment. Probably 5 stars with a hike through. Definitely a segment worth revisiting. Especially good hiking with the close proximity to Denver.

 Segment 5 ends at Kenosha Pass making for great access from this end. The hike southeast from Kenosha wanders uphill at an easy pace. Here Bob Griffith is taking a short rest in a small meadow with views on South Park.  While Eddie and Bob were hiking in, they came across a fresh forest fire. The fireman were still putting out hot spots. The heat coming off the area was shocking.  After about 3 miles from Kenosha Pass, the trail comes to an overlook before dropping back down to the valley. The spring flowers are always wonderful here.
 Sitting at the overlook is a great turnaround spot after a nice lunch snack.  Eddie hiked segment B with Suzanna Koeller. The day was beautiful and flowers in the shade were in full bloom.  Wild iris was found along the trail between point B and D.  Eddie always enjoys photographing the butterflies.  This was a very unique aspen stand. Aspen are usually tall, straight, and slender. These were short and gnarly.
 Alpine shooting stars were also outstanding between point B and D.  Later the same year, Eddie returned to hike from point D to F.  Sadly, the aspen had already dropped their leaves.  The next week, Sheena joined Eddie to finish segment 5.  It turned out to be an incredible fall day for a hike.
 Sheena working here way along the trail  As always, in all seasons, the hike from Kenosha is wonderful.  For New Years 2013, Sheena and Eddie placed an Xmas ornament on a tree at the end of the hike.  Sheena and Eddie in their 1st selfie.  And no snowshoeing trip would be complete without the schnapps! Cheers...

  Segment 6 - Kenosha Pass to Hwy 9 at Gold Hill Trail Head
Being one of the longer segments, this section was also broken into multiple hikes. Starting from Kenosha Pass also makes this a convenient segment to hike.

Point B to C 7/28/2002 - Eddie, Sheena, Conrad Tseng, and Candy Giles (also done at a TBD earlier date with Suzanna Koeller and Brett Traudt) - No photos scanned yet
Point A 12/30/2011- Eddie solo recon
Point A to B 12/2/2012 - Eddie and Sheena

Complete point C to G 9/6/2013 - Eddie and Suzanna Koeller

Rating - *** - Not totally stoked on this segment. A to B is nice in the winter - keeps the bikes away. B to C is the best part and very nice. C to G is just a long generic hike. However, any day on the trail is a great day.

 A little recon of trail access is always helpful and yep, Eddie got off trail.  After a couple miles of tree bashing, Eddie finally crossed the trail. Even following the trail in reverse, Eddie could not find an 1/8 mile section in the snow. This photo is also the background image for the page.  Even when the trail is lost, the views were great.
 Winter hiking is an incredible world of serene quiet and solitude on the trail.  After hiking in a few miles up Jefferson Lake road, Eddie and Sheena finally reached point B on the trail.  An amazing (and dry) December day. Surprisingly, there were no bikes on the trail.  The trail can be seen in the distance rising to Kenosha Pass. It was decided that the lack of bikes was due to the Denver Broncos game.  Back at Jefferson Creek campground and only a few more miles down the road to the car.
 Eddie decided to complete the last 20+ miles in one go. Kelly Thomas shuttled Eddie and Suzanna Koeller to the east end at Georgia Pass.  Eddie and Suzanna started the hike at ~12,000ft and wouldn't drop below 10'000ft for most of the hike.  Suzanna getting one last view before dropping into the trees.  The sunrise made for a great view of Mt. Guyot (13,370ft) and a heard of elk on the slopes.  After 8 miles, Eddie and Suzanna were able to meet Sheena at a campground for snacks and a change of gear from the previous night.
 A little worn out from the 1st 8 miles but the snacks were great and the trail was good.  A couple fellow trail users. A mama and young moose were enjoying a midday snack.  Nearing the end, Sheena met up with the hikers bearing the well needed cold beer.  Eddie and Suzanna Koeller at the sign post. Eddie hiked on from here a little further to Hwy 9 across from the Gold Hill parking area. Just because the temp is -18F didn't stop Eddie and Bob from enjoying a little snowshoeing just off Kenosha pass.
 In June 2015, Eddie volunteered with the CTF Trail Crew 215 for a 4 day trail repair job.  The crew sorting gear to start up the trail on day 1.  This is what the trail looked like to start..  Eddie posing in front of a section of trail that was repaired. It was lifted above the marsh and the water was provided drainage under the trail. Sunsets and sunrises were beautiful from camp. This is a picture of sunrise over South Park. The sun is just shining through Kenosha Pass and North and South Twin Cone peaks are rising above the morning clouds..

  Segment 7 - Hwy 9 at Gold Hill Trail Head to Copper Mountain
This is a great segment for a hike through and short enough to keep it enjoyable without a lot of effort. This was the last prep hike for Sheena and Eddie before leaving to hike the Inca Trail in Peru.

Complete hike through 9/27/2014 - Eddie, Sheena, Juli Cooley and Liz Pedersen (and dog)

Rating - **** - This is a beautiful trail with a lot above timberline. Awesome views and opportunities to summit a few peaks along the way. The only draw back was the east side of gold hill. Lots of timber harvesting leaving the landscape bare and not so pretty.

 The hiking crew, Juli, Sheena, Lisa Pederson and dog. Eddie is taking the photo. The start of another great day on the trail.  Several parts of the CT are joined by the Continental Divide Trail (CTD), which is a much more difficult trail.  Sheena enjoying the trail as the morning sun comes over the ridge.
 Sheena, Lisa and Juli coming up the trail above timberline. The 3 prominent peaks in the background (L-R) are; Peak 10, Crystal Peak and Pacific Peak (with the notched summit).  The gradual rise of the trail ahead shows why the CT is so wonderful.  Sheena having a wonderful time on the trail on a wonderful Rocky Mountain day. Again, the 3 prominent peaks in the background (L-R) are; Peak 10, Crystal Peak and Pacific Peak (with the notched summit).  Sheena coming up the ridge line.  Cooper Mountain resort and ski area from the summit of Peak 5. The car is parked down there!
 The complete hiking crew on the pass. Including Eddie this time.  The trail heading down to Gold Hill.  A fellow hiker at the pass. Sheena, Juli and Lisa had a great experience.  While the mountain goat was posing, Eddie was up on the summit of Peak 5 while this photo was taken.  The dog decided she had had enough. Cold water was feeling good.

  Segment 8 - Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass
9/22/2017 - Sheena's Bday week and a little seg 8 recon.

 Eddie at the Copper Mtn. trail head.  Sheena on the trail through the ski slopes.  Sheena crossing over Union Gulch.

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