Expedition Mail of the Himalaya


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Appendix C

1933 British Mt. Everest Climbing Expedition Cover

Details of Cover EV33-M1_005


Cover to addressed to Rawalipindi, India, originally bearing a KVG 1a3p stamp. At Rawalipindi, the cover had an additional KVG 1a3p stamp added for forwarding to London, England. From there it was forwarded to Isle of Wight. Dates are: Expedition camp - 12 May; Gantok - 27 May; Rawalipindi - 31 May (rec), 1 June (fwd); London - 19 June. The cover shows the expedition mark on front and was sent from E. C. Thompson (Signature LL).

Courtesy of the Bard Collection, www.himalayana.com

Copyright 2022, Eddie Hackstaff