Expedition Mail of the Himalaya


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Appendix C

1933 British Mt. Everest Climbing Expedition Cover

Details of Cover EV33-M1_002


Postal card addressed to Anthony Blunt, Cambridge, England bearing a KGV ½a and uprated with the addition of a 3p stamp. The card shows the expedition mark on front and stamps are tied by Gangtok cancel (Type ?) dated 19 June 1933. Card was sent from T. A. Brocklebank and upon arrival showing two postage due markings and bearing 2d postage due cancelled with Cambridge oval arrival date stamp dated July 31. An amazing historical item.

Courtesy of the Bard Collection, www.himalayana.com

Spink auction 1027, lot 955, Realized £2,600

The card reads, "Camp III, Everest" "At various interupted intervals, when a runner chosses to run up from (?) we get copies of the Spectator and a bedtime story about Art and All That which is great fun. It's good that they are (?) (?) from you."
"Hope to see you again before many months. We are probably abandoning this hill soon - as it´s beaten us hands down or rather the weather has - it´s been pretty unrelenting all the time. Am still up for it (?) incredibly (?). Hope you're have a good holiday some where in sun or warmth about which I now day dream ceaslessly." "Love, Tom

Anthoney Blunt would become a notorious Soviet spy as a member of the Cambridge Five.

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