Our Cruise in the Mediterranean!


This is a cruise we took in the Mediterranean during February 2000.  We started in Savona, Italy.  From there we traveled to Naples and Catania, Italy.  After leaving Italy, we had one full day at sea and then entered the port in Alexandria, Egypt.  We left the ship there and took our tour of the Cairo and Giza areas and then met the ship at Port Said.  After Egypt, we stopped in Ashdod, Israel where we left the ship for our tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  From there it was to Limassol, Cyprus, to Rhodes and Gythion, Greece, to La Valletta, Malta and then back to Savona, Italy.  It was a lot to see in ten days and we will try to document most of it in these pages.

The map above shows the route that our ship took during our cruise.  

Below is a picture of our ship, the Coasta Riviera.  It was an older ship, but not bad.

Another view of the cruise route