Map of Malta

Malta, the Last Stop


Flag of Malta

Background image of the rotunda ceiling in Mosta.

Postcard view of the harbor

March 23, 2000 - Mediterranean Cruise

   Malta, the last stop on the Mediterranean cruse. After entering the spectacular harbor at LaValletta, we disembarked and travelled to the ancient fortified city of Mdina where we toured the ancient St Pauls Cathedral. Evidence of settlements in Mdina go back to before 4000 BC. It was possibly first fortified by the around 700 BC. Legend has it that it was here, around 60 CE, that Paul the Apostle lived after his shipwreck on the islands.

   After touring Mdina, we travelled to the city of Mosta. At Mosta, the tour stopped at the Rotunda of St Marija Assunta. We were so tired at this point during trip and tired of touring cathedrals, we almost didn't go in for the tour. However, we decided to go with the group. The cathedral has the third largest unsupported dome in the World. Having toured the other two larger rotundas while travelling around Europe, this was the most amazing. The inside of the rotunda is brightly lit with spectacular frescos. During WWII, a bomb came through the rotunda, bounced around the room not hitting any of the citizens that were sheltering there during air raid and stopped at the base of the statue of Jesus. Not one person was injured and the town still considers it a miracle. The bomb was defused and is still on display in a side room. You can also see the mark where the bomb came through the rotunda in the background image.

The Costa Rivera cruise ship

Map of the cruise route

Another pic from the cruise

  The harbor of LaValletta   The original harbor fortifications can still be seen in the harbor   St Pauls Cathedral in Mdina   The interior of St Pauls Cathedral   some of the frescos in St Pauls Cathedral
  Mdina fortress from the outside   Rotunda of St Marija Assunta   The inside of the rotunda