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Letters from the Drizzle

2 July 1998 We arrived in Düsseldorf.

1 October 1998 Our trip to Southern Germany and Austria.

6 November 1998 Our anniversary in Paris and a trip to The Hague.


   Ahh, the land of the Autobahn with unlimited speed limits...sometimes... Anyway it was a great country. The land of our people. Now we understand why our fathers act like they do. No further comment on that.


   This is where this site started. Before setting up this site, we sent letters home to friends and family. It didn't take long for us to figure out, sending letters was more expensive and time consuming than setting up a web site. To the right are links to copies of those letters. Please feel free to read them. The only changes made are those that contain personal data, i.e. phone numbers, addresses... . After all, this is the WORLD WIDE web. Just click the date to see the letter. Your browser may ask you if you would like to "open the file" or "save it to disk". I would recommend just opening it, rather than storing the letters on your computer.