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Welcome to Sweden

and the Ice Hotel!


The flag of Sweden

Just landed at the Kiruna airport.

Our friends Chris and Whitney at the airport.

Arriving at the Ice Hotel

Lapland, Sweden - Our Visit to the Ice Hotel

Date: January 7 - 9, 2009

   After first reading about the Ice Hotel about 10 previously, Sheena has wanted to make this trip ever since. Finally we made it!

   As for the photo quality, Remember that the sun never rises above the horizon during the winter. As a result, all of the images are long exposures. We tried not to wiggle the camera while the shutter is open, but we're not always successful. Also, flashes don't always make the image look better when photographing ice. It's a challenge to say the least.


Sheena on the reception counter in the Ice Hotel.

Eddie on the reception counter in the Ice Hotel.

The main hall of the Ice Hotel with the ice chandeliers.

 Most important stop ... the Ice Bar   The Absolute Vodka Ice Bar.   A cold group of travellers drinking vodka.   The Ice Bar.   Ordering drinks at the Ice Bar.
  Ice glasses with various vodka drinks.   The ice lounge in the bar. Ice chairs and tables.   Note who's man enough to drink without gloves. And who's smart enough (or sober enough) to leave their gloves on.   Cheers?   The apple tree art suite. The room was carved out of the ice where circular stairs wound around the tree trunk to the bed chamber in the branches.
      The Shoe room - art suite   Check out the lounge chair made out of small pieces of ice.  
  Another art suite. Note that all the wall objects are ice with black backing to look 3 dimensional. Even the window shadow on the floor is lighting inside ice.   The red room - art suite   The erotic room - art suite   Another shot of the erotic room - art suite   Our art suite
  Sheena snuggling into the mother ship.   Getting ready for a chilly night   Zipping up   Not much further to go...   Good night!
  The ice chapel. Checkout the ice alter and the ice baptism font. They actually use the church for baptisms, wedding and Sunday services.   Looking back at the entry with the reindeer antler ice sculptures.   The start of a wedding. The bride and groom arrive in the randier drawn sleigh.   A church in the town.   Just playing with the camera while waiting for a table at the local restaurant.
  Prepping the horses for the evenings ride.   Eddie meeting his horse.   The after horse ride dinner in a yurt.   The dog sleds being prepped for a ride.   Whitney getting crazy in the sleigh.
  This is how you live through the sleigh ride.   Ditto!   On the snow shoe trail.   Eddie and Sheena in front of the lunch yurt.   Chris and Whitney relaxing after a short snow shoe trip.
  Getting ready for the sleigh ride back to the hotel.