Expedition Mail of the Himalaya

Part II - The Flight Over Mt. Everest

A Video Coming Soon


   As of April 2022 the video is still in work. The video was planned for release in 2021, but due to COVID impacts and other delays, it's still in work. Below I have provided some highlights from the video for your tempting pleasure.

   This particular subject is a very difficult story to approach. Up until this time the general assumption has been that any cover marked with the EV33-M1 marking was flown over Mt. Everest. There has also been the statement that covers were also flown over Mt. Everest during the 2nd flight on April 19th. I will present different conclusions based on my research. This is not to say that previous assumptions are wrong, none of us were present to know exactly what happened with the Mt. Everest flight mail.


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