Expedition Mail of the Himalaya

Appendix B - Table 1 (DRAFT)

A Detailed Listing of the

1932 Magic Carpet Flight to Mt. Everest Covers


1933 Houston Mt. Everest Expedition Covers


The following is a subset of Appendix B from my book in-work, "Expedition Mail of the Himalaya, A Philatelic Story of the 1921 - 1953 Mail"


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    In this section, TBD...

a detailed listing of expedition covers from the 1924 British Mt. Everest expedition is provided for items that I have been able to identify as unique and document (as of January 2022) . There are more covers in existence than I have documented here and this information will be updated as more items are identified over time.




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Table B1 - Mt. Everest (EV)

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