Expedition Mail of the Himalaya

A Philatelic Story of the 1921 - 1953 Mail
Appendix B


    Although these expeditions would not be part of my book since they took place after 1953, from an information capture perspective I will include them in this website. I will also only provide examples of the covers, not the detailed information about each documented cover as I did for the pre-WWII Mt. Everest covers.


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Appendix B - Table 3 (DRAFT)

A Combined Listing of the Kangchenjunga Expeditions prior to 1970
(1954 & 1955)


Table B-3a - The 1954 British Reconnaissance Expedition

    This was a reconnaissance expedition to prepare for the next years all out attack on the mountain. The team consisted of:

  • John Kempe (Leader)
  • T. H. Braham
  • J. W. Tucker
  • S. R. Jackson
  • G. C. Lewis
  • Dr. D. S. Matthews (Medical Officer)

    The expedition did not employ any expedition marking on the mail other than hand written notes.

    Mail from this expedition remains highly desired and seldom seen for sale making it a very scarce collectable. Only one cover has been identified

No expedition marking has been identified with the 1954 British Kangchenjunga expedition.


Captured from eBay
Couresy of the Bard collection

Table B-3b - The 1955 British Expedition

    The first successful ascent of the peak. The team consisted of:

  • Dr. Charles Evans, Leader
  • George Band
  • Joe Brown
  • Dr. John Clegg
  • Norman Hardie
  • John Jackson
  • Tom Mackinnon
  • Neil Mather
  • Tony Streather

    The expedition employed an expedition marking in black.



The expedition marking.

Courtesy of the Hackstaff collection

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