Expedition Mail of the Himalaya

A Philatelic Story of the 1921 - 1953 Mail
Appendix B


    Although these expeditions would not be part of my book since they took place after 1953, from an information capture perspective I will include them in this website. I will also only provide examples of the covers, not the detailed information about each documented cover as I did for the pre-WWII Mt. Everest covers.


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Appendix B - Table 2 (DRAFT)

A Combined Listing of the K2 Expeditions prior to 1970
(1954 & 1960)


Table B-2a - The 1954 Italian K2 Expedition

    On July 31, 1954, the Italians, Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni became the first to stand on the summit of K2. At 8,610 m (28,250 ft), K2 stands just 238 m (784 ft) lower than Mt. Everest but is consider much more difficult to climb. For many years, K2 was considered "unclimbable". The Italian team proved that wrong. The team consisted of:

  • Ardito Desio (Leader)
  • Enrico Abram
  • Ugo Angelino
  • Walter Bonatti
  • Achille Compagnoni
  • Cirillo Floreanini
  • Pino Gallotti
  • Lino Lacedelli
  • Mario Puchoz
  • Ubaldo Rey
  • Gino Soldà
  • Sergio Viotto

    The expedition employed an expedition marking and to further celebrate the achievement, the Pakistani government employed and special cancellation to celebrate the achievement.

    Mail from this expedition remains highly desired and seldom seen for sale making it a very scarce collectable.


The expedition marking. This marking is found in blue to violet colors.

Courtesy of the Hackstaff collection


A govevernment cancellation.

Courtesy of the Bard collection


An experimental cancellation on souvinier cards. I have identified 2 cards from the expedition with the "Experimental" government cancellation.


Courtesy of the Bard collection

Table B-2b - The 1960 International K2 Expedition

    In 1960 an international group of climbers from U.S., Germany and Pakistan set out to attempt the peak.The team consisted of:

  • Major William D. Hackett, leader
  • Dave Bohn, American
  • Lynn M. Pease, American
  • Wolfgang Deubzer, expedition doctor, German
  • Ludwig Greissl, German
  • Günter Jahr, German
  • Herbert Wünsche, German
  • Hayat Shah, Pakistani
  • Liaison officer: Captain Sharif Ghafur
  • High porters: Taqi, sirdar; Asad, Makhmal, Longino

    In the end, the team was defeated by time and illness. The expedition employed a bright red expedition marking.



The expedition marking. This marking is found in red.

Courtesy of the Hackstaff collection

All of the cards mailed to the U.S. arrived "Postage Due". Evidently the local post office or expedition members were not aware of the correct postage required.


Courtesy of the Hackstaff collection

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