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March 26 - 29, 2009

   A little over a year since our trip to Sevilla, we're back for some more warmth in the Andalusia region of Spain. This time to the city of Granada, the home of traditional tappas. Looking over the city is the historic Alhambra palace and fortress.

Hotel Puerta de las Granadas

   Another excellent choice by Sheena. Right near the Alhambra on a quiet street but only a block from the center of town

  A map of Granada   A "proper" wine bar in Granada. An excellent Rioja!  A bit of the wine selection at the wine bar.   Vats of Spanish wine in a typical tappas bar   Tappas! Free with any drink.
  Apres tappas goodies   Shopping street in the south side of town   The Royal Chapel of Granada    
  Looking across the valley at the Alhambra       Eddie and Sheena   The beatnik hangout overlooking the Alhambra at Mirador San Nicolas
  Plaza San Nicolas   A private garden in the middle of chaos. Note the Royal Chapel of Granada in the background.   A view of Granada from the Alhambra   Courtyard in the Alhambra  
      Ever wonder how they get the perfect shapes?    
  The Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance.        


January 23rd through the 26th , 2008

This time we needed a break somewhere with a little warmth. Away from damp, chilly, sunless weather of England. Below is a sampling of our photos. To see the full set of photos, click here.



February 5th through the 8th, 2000

The boon doggles of boon doggles!!! February 5th , 2000 found us back in Spain. This time on the island of Mallorca.

Sheena was required to go to a meeting for company principles in of all places, "Mallorca"! Just in case you didn't know, Mallorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean off the East coast of Spain.

West side of the island is made up of a mountain range full of hikes and rock climbing. The rest of the island is primarily farming land with the coast line covered by resorts. The primary city is Palma de Mallorca and this is where Sheena spent most of her time. Eddie meanwhile tagged along to play.

Palacio Real de la Almudaina y Real Capilla...

Catedral de Mallorca...

Castell de Bellver...

Hike #1

Hike #2

Hike #3


  Map of Mallorca   OK, I know, we need to do a lot of scanning.      


January 21st through the 23rd, 2000


We stayed in what was supposed to be a great hotel. The only problem was, they forgot to tell us that it was under remodeling construction.

The one thing that makes Barcelona stand out more than the Olympic village and all the wonderful museums, is the Antoni Gaudi (1852 - 1926) architecture.

The Gaudi architecture...

The Museu D'Historia de la Ciutat (City History Museum)

Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Arial tram ride to Military Museum on Mont Juic.

Bla , Bla, Bla...

    Yep, more scanning to do.      

Gran Canaria

February 1999 - Our 1st trip to Spain found us in the Carary Islands

   Gran Canaria is one of the islands in the Canary Archipelago, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the northwestern coast of Africa. The Canary Archipelago consists of seven islands, of which Gran Canaria is one. It, as well as all of the islands, are considered to be part of Spain. The capital of Gran Canaria is Las Palmas, which is where we flew into. We then rented a small car and traveled around the island to our hotel on the Southwest coast.

    Gran Canaria has a diverse climate and terrain. One of the major attractions to the island is the Dunas de Maspalomas Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is a mini-desert on the island with significant sand dunes and reptilian wildlife. It is a very popular to ride camels through the reserve while on vacation. Other parts of the island are lush and mountainous, as well as tropical in nature.

    We decided to travel to this particular island in February 1999, because this would be the only long weekend we were going to be able to take for about five months due to our work schedule. We wanted to go someplace warm, with good hiking trails, and a decent beach for when we felt lazy. We found a warm place with a small, so-so beach (at our resort) and very few hiking trails. The day we attempted to go hiking, the weather turned rainy and very cold, so we went for a long drive instead.

   The first day we ventured out was incredible! The sun was shining and the sky was an incredible blue. Our second day was very cloudy and rainy. We were told that is very seldom rains on the island, so, as Murphy would have it, we brought Dusseldorf weather with us!!! -- Enjoy the photos!

Map of the Canary Islands   Map of Gran Canaria   This is the view from our hotel window.   Sheena standing near some of the local plants of the region, which are HUGE cactus.   Eddie taking pictures of a typical Gran Canaria village. This is the village of Aguimes. The Montana De Aguimes (Mountains of Aguimes) is in the background.
The village from a different angle. This was the first village we visited on our excursions away from our hotel. All buildings are whitewashed, which is common of Spanish architecture. The village from a different angle. This was the first village we visited on our excursions away from our hotel. All buildings are whitewashed, which is common of Spanish architecture. This is how the farmers grow crops on the island. The crops are planted under plastic sheeting suspended by poles. When the crops are big enough, the sheeting is removed. A common scene at the local farmers market on the outskirts of San Mateo. We couldn't figure out if the goats were his pets or were for sale! The market was held in the church's square. A cascading waterfall in the village of San Mateo.
The benches lining the wall along the waterfall. This is typical of the tiles made in the region and the more commonly used colors (blue and yellow) on the island. A walkway full of handcrafted maps of the Canary Islands in the village of San Mateo. For each island, there is a three-dimensional map and a land map. There is also a write up on each island next to the maps. The cathedral in Arcuas. As you can tell, this cathedral was built in the traditional Neo- Gothic style of Northern Europe. It was started in 1909 and finished in 1977. Arcuas is known as the Town of Flowers and the Banana Capital. Our first glimpse of the Northwest coast. This is the village of Agaete. A stop along the curvy, windy road along the Northwest coast. We are headed to the village of Agaete.
Another view of the Atlantic ocean along the Northwest coast line. A remote beach along the Northwest coast line. Another view of the Northwest coast line. Eddie with a typical inland mountain range in the background.