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Welcome to Poland!


The flag of Poland

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This is one of my favorite photos of Gdansk and the Motlawa river.

   Having grown up in the U.S. in the 60's, the height of the cold war, we never thought we would get the chance to see or much less wander around a former east block country. The first time Eddie stepped into Gdansk, he had to stop and think about how special this moment was.

   According to Wikipedia -- Gdansk, also known by its German name Danzig is a city on the Baltic coast in northern Poland, at the center of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area.

   Gdansk is Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region. The city is close to the former boundary between West Slavic and Germanic lands and it has a complex political history with periods of Polish rule, periods of German rule, and two spells as a free city. It has been part of modern Poland since 1945.


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Welcome to Gdansk!!!

May 21st through the 24th, 2009


  A view along Long Street (Ulica Dluga) and the Main Town Hall.   A view of the Long Quay on the Motlawa river   Sheena on the Long Street with the Golden Gate behind. Another view of the Golden Gate.   Sheena on the ul. Mariacka. This was a wonderful street with lots of art shops and cafes.
  The front view of the Armory   Gdansk from the top of St Mary's church tower. The Main Town Hall tower is in the center.  Another view of Gdansk from the top of St Mary's church tower.   One of the many down spout decorations along the UL Mariacka   One of the many incredible facades of a house along the Long Street.
  The area around Malbork Castle.   Malbork Castle from across the Nogat river   Looking down on the middle castle yard and the gate to the high castle from a castle tower.   The high castle court yard and the water well.   On the end of the very wind Sopot pier, left to right (back) Waldek, Agnes and Eddie, (front) Dokta and Julia.
  Julia having fun running around the Sopot pier.   Eddie wading into the Baltic sea... cold!   In Sopot enjoying some candy. (L - R) Waldek, Julia, Sheena, Agnes and Dokta   Julia enjoying some more Sopot goodies.  A carnival parade in front of a crazy building in Sopot.
  The Neptune fountain in the Long Market   The Main Town Hall at night   The Long Quay at night   A view along the Motlawa river and the Long Quay   Another photo of the Long Quay during the day.
  OK, here's where I get lost. Waldek took us for a drive in the country side near Gdansk where we went for a walk in the woods to an old fire tower.  An incredible Polish dinner while we were on our drive.   Like mother like daughter!   Agnes trying her hand at pottery while on the drive  One of our favorite travel pastimes while on travel, writing post cards to our friends.

Welcome to Gdansk - the 1st trip

March 2nd through the 5th, 2007

   While Eddie was TDY to Harrogate, England, he got the chance to go visit a longtime friend in Gdansk, Poland.

  I need to start scanning photos...