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Lofoten Islands, Norway - Our Orca Safari

Date: January 9 - 11, 2009

   Norway, the land of mom Hackstaff's peeps! Well we almost didn't make it, but we finally got across the border into Norway. Due to blizzard conditions on the pass from Sweden to Norway, we got held up while waiting for a snow plow to get us down from the pass. After the hair raising ride down the pass, we arrived in the port town of Narvik. In Narvik, we caught our boat, the MS Orca to the island town of Henningsvaer.

   More to be added later...

Our boat for the safari, the MS Orca.   Sheena, suited up for the ride.   Eddie and Sheena on the deck.   An incredible light show in the upper atmospheric clouds. It doesn't show well in the photo, but it was a sight to remember.   A little light food in the galley - Eddie, Whitney and Chris.
  Moon over the ridge line.   A beautiful peak along the Ofotfjorden.   Orca's in the Ofotfjorden. This image shows a male and a 3 month old orca.   This image shows a male orca (also known as a killer whale) fin with the beautiful ridge line behind.   Another orca cresting the waves.
  Eddie and Sheena below deck warming up.   Eddie behind the bar at the Finnholmen Brygge, our lodge.   Chris and Whitney resting in the lodge dinning room.   Eddie and Sheena resting and enjoying a pint in the lodge dinning room.   Henningsvaer with the bridge in the background.
  The Henningsvaer port.   Cod hanging on the cod drying racks in Henningsvaer.   Chris and Whitney relaxing, again, in the dinning room.   The town of Svolvaer across the bay from the lighthouse point.   The bay at the aquarium in Kabelvag.