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The Netherlands!


The flag of the Netherlands



Our 1st trip was to The Hague - Oct 1998

    The Hague also known as Den Haag was the location if the AMS Training Center where we were sent for our Introduction training.

  The AMS building in The Hague   Sheena in front of the palace.   Binnenhof and the Knight's Hall, the political centre of the Netherlands.   We couldn't believe how many bikes could fit together and all look the same!  
  Eddie on the beach of the North Sea   Sheena on the beach with the Kurhaus Hotel behind.   Eddie outside the museum where the Rembrandt exhibit was showing.    

Our 2nd trip was to Holland - April 1999

    We visited the fields during April 1999 while everything was in bloom. It is a very popular thing to do and was very crowded!

    We really wanted to go "tip-toeing through the tulips" but thought the farmer would not appreciate it!

  Eddie in the tulip fields of Holland