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Pelican Lake

Mom Hackstaff with her prize winning 4 lb small mouth bass (and a little sunny) - 1999

The cottage on Lake Pelican, Minnesota!!!

   Mom Hackstaff was born and raised in Minnesota as Marlene Quinnild. Grandpa, Alvin "Al" Quinnild, built a cottage on the South shore, Provan Beach, of Lake Pelican in 1952. Grandma, Agnus Quinnild, directed the details and the family still enjoys the cottage today.

   Somewhere around 1960, Grandma got her wish for an indoor bathroom along with a 3rd bedroom and a pump room. The outhouse wasn't removed until the 1980's at which time we lost the exclusive "Men's Room". Finally in 1999, dad had a garage brought in. That's right, it was picked up and shipped straight to the cottage "as is".

   Growing up, Eddie spent time each summer in this incredible cottage playing in the water and fishing. As he grew, he got the opportunity to work in Minnesota. Most of the work was on the Quinnild farm, but one year consisted of working at the Detroit Lakes airport.

   This page contains "some" of our info about Minnesota.  Since Eddie has traveled to Minnesota almost every year of his life, we can't show everything!



Our cousin Paul Quinnild on one of his old John Deeres - July 1978

The People of Pelican Lake

    As with all great memories, family and friends are center stage. Following are a few photos of those that make our time in Minnesota memorable.


  Eddie doing his chores in 1972. Don't worry, he gained weight!   Did Eddie get skinnier!?   It looks like the Northern Pike is bigger than Eddies ankles!   As seen here, he got a lot larger! Mostly around the middle.    Fishing skills have NOT gotten better with age! (1991)
  Sheena still trying to catch the big one. (1991)   Eddie taking Sheena out for a cruise (1991 or 2)   Here we are relaxing by the lake in 1992.   Eddie with his niece, Sabrina at the cottage in 1982   Mom out for a boat ride. (2000)
  Darleen, Bud, Dad, Vern Quinnild and Eddie (L to R 2007)   Perl Quinnild (L) and mom (R) relaxing on the front porch. (2007)   Eddie (2006)   Sheena (2006)   Mom and dad relaxing in the front room. (2007)
  All is well. It's vino time! (2006)   Eddie and Conrad (2006)   Our friends Candy Giles and Conrad Tseng enjoying a little wine. (2006)   The rib grilling has begun. (2006)   Ribs are served!!! (2006)
  ...and Candy gets stuck with the clean up. (2006)   Conrad and Eddie (2006)   Conrad getting the pleasure of raising the boat. (2006)   Cap'n Eddie (2006)   Conrad - the Harbor Master (2006)
  Candy (2006)     Sheena enjoying the relaxation     Mom and Dad Hackstaff
  Eddie 1965 Buick Skylark at the cottage.        

Pelican Lake Minnesota

    The lake lies center stage for each great summer. Whether swimming, driving around the lake in the boat, or just sitting on the front lawn gazing across, the lake holds us captive and relaxes the senses.

  Just another night watching the sunsets from the front lawn. (L to R, Conrad, Candy, and Eddie).   The lake   The lake and the boat. Candy, Conrad, and Sheena enjoying a little wine on the dock.   The lake   More of the lake
  The lake   The neighbor's docks. (2006)   Mom, dad and Eddie heading out for a boat ride. (2007)   Be back later... (2007)  

The Local Area

   The area around Pelican Lake includes several small towns with lots to do, from shopping and eating to activities and festivals. The towns include Dunnvilla, Pelican Rapids, Detroit Lakes Barnesville and many more.

Dunnvilla - Dunnvilla was a small resort community on nearby Lake Lizze where we were able to jump off a bridge into the river and swim in the sand-bottomed Pelican river. Today the resort has been turned into private residences and a new hardware store, and restaurant have opened. In addition a clothing store and antique store have also taken up residence in the former town.

Pelican Rapids - The town is the closest real town to the cottage. It only hosts a few stop lights, but has plenty to do. From the tourist office, coffee shop, and large grocery store, it also hosts a large pedestrian foot bridge over the Pelican river and the largest pelican in the world! Just outside of town are some of the best antique stores around and Maplewood State Park.

Detroit Lakes - This is the largest big city. A long time resort town, the town hosts many world class events to include the Wee Fest music festival. The town also hosts a mall and airport with regularly scheduled air service (6 seater). One year Eddie worked at the airport and had a great time fueling and washing the planes.

Barnesville - The close Quinnild family have been centered around Barnesville for some time now. Eddie's cousins had a large farm in the town for many years and then later moved to town. Vern Quinnild let Eddie help (probably got in the way more than helped) on the farm during the summers. He learned a lot about hard work and good friends while on the farm. Barnesville is also the county seat and thus the location for the county fair which was always a great attraction. In addition to the county fair, the town also hosts the annual Potato Days that celebrates the towns rich past history of growing potatoes.

  Gift's from the Heart at Dunnvilla   Mom at Jensen's market on the way to Detroit Lakes (2007)      
  The largest pelican in the world - Pelican Rapids        
  2006 Barnesville Potato days. A tradition since ???   2006 "mashed potato" wrestling champs. Mashed Potato wrestling at the First Presbyterian Church grounds. (Ya gotta love the mid-west)   Ready for a grudge match.   And their off...   Can you say messy?
  Or is this just nasty?!   We're going to need a cleanup in isle 6....   He's down!    The fire department always ready to serve.    This is how serious wrestlers shower. 
  Eddie getting his garage sign made at the Detroit Lakes flea market. (2006)   A master at work.      

Minnesota Sunsets

The cottage sits on the lake facing west looking across a long stretch of the lake. From the front of the cottage, we get to witness some of the most spectacular sunsets ever.