Map of Liechtenstein


The Liechtenstein Flag

Another map of Liechtenstein

Map of the hiking area.


Date: August 12 - 14, 1999

   Another stop along the grand tour after leaving Strasbourg and the solar eclipse. This is a VERY small country. After entering Liechtenstein from Austria, we started looking for our hotel located in the town of Vaduz just to find out we had missed it and were just about to enter Switzerland. Talk about not blinking or you will miss it, we almost did. The town of Vaduz was a wonderful, quiet and friendly town. While in town Eddie got to stop by the main post office and pick up some of the beautiful stamps that Liechtenstein is well known for producing.

   The next day Eddie and Sheena drove to the mountain town of Malbun and hiked up Augstenberg, 7,740 feet high. It was an incredible hike to our 1st summit in the Alps. The way down was extended with a stop at the Pfalzerhutte for a warm lunch and beer. The hike back to Malbun was longer than expected from the hut, but the scenery was stunning and well worth every step.

Eddie and Sheena


The background image is of Sheena hiking a up from the Sareiser Joch toward the summit of Augstenberg in the Liechtenstein Alps. We made this hike while staying in Vaduz, August 13, 1999.

Very surprised that a trail sign had to be posted at the Sareiser Joch (saddle) so that tourists would know what type of shoe is required.   Eddie making his way up and along the ridge.   Sheena making her way along the ridge not far from the summit.   The summit of Augstenberg (2359 m).   Eddie on the summit.
  After leaving the summit, it was a long walk down the other side to a welcome hut.   The Pfalzerhutte at the Bettlerjoch (2111 m). Lunch with beer was very welcome.   Here's a post card of the Pfalzerhutte.   Leaving the wonderful hut for a VERY long hike back to town.   Some local natives checking out Sheena.
  A break at the top of several ridge lines that had to be crossed on the way down. This is at the Talehohe ridge crossing.   Another one of the curious locals.   Crossing another ridge.   Alas, the final decent back to the town of Malbun   The town of Malbun getting closer all the time.