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Indiana State Flag

Hang'n on the back porch with mom and dad.

The background image is of the path around Lake Iola in Scottsberg.

Indiana...Land of the Hoosiers

   Why do we care? Indiana is the land of Sheena's people, or at least half them. South Dakota and North Dakota are where the other half hails from. Indiana is a lush state filled with nature's greenery that doesn't exist in Colorado. Believe it or not, we love the humidity in Indiana and love not having to use lotion on our dry Colorado skin. Its rolling hills and state parks are fun to explore. Going winery hopping is something we do every time we visit, and we drag whoever wants to go along with us for the tasting ride. Indiana is also full of wonderful, good hearted people…aka Sheena's family. In the fall there is a family reunion every year. The family cooks wonderful food and we all gather to catch up and enjoy Spring Mill State Park. Those of us who visit get to see our extended family and meet the newest members of the family; we have lots of nieces and nephews! Indiana has a different culture than what you find in Colorado. It's laid back, easy going, and just about everyone is friendly. It's always a pleasure to visit and we always look forward to going back.


Indiana Winery Links

Huber Winery

Brown County Winery

Chateau de Pique Winery

  The main Scottsberg attraction is Lake Iola. Always a fun walk.   Sunsets are magnificent when walking along the crab apple trees.   While not large, the lake provides a great break during the day.   The ducks are always fun to visit while walking around the lake.   Dad, Mom, Sheena and Bridget hanging at The Coffee House and Cafe in Scottsberg. The Coffee House is also a wonderful art gallery for local artists.
  Not far from Salem, is the small town of Becks Mill where the family grew up.   The restored interior of the mill.   A view of the restored mill, water wheel and bridge.   The cemetery near Becks Mill where much of the family is buried.   Sheena and dad viewing the graves.
  A great days drive to Nashville (Indiana) can't go by without a stop at Story Inn on a sharp corner of CR135.   It looks like a favorite stop for the bikers.   The Story Inn bathroom accommodations ;-)   Can you say "Porta Potty"  
  A beautiful colonial style home in the town of Madison on the Ohio River not far from Scottsberg.   A beautiful fountain in Madison.   The fishing life on the Ohio River.   Looking back at Louisville on the Ohio River   Red neck living on the Ohio River
  The family loves to hold the annual reunion at Spring Mill State Park.   The mill and several out building have been restored and turned into museums.   The creek makes for beautiful photo ops.   There's also lots of hiking around the park.