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The Hawai'ian Islands



Hawaii State Flag

   The first time we travelled to Hawaii together was in June of 1997, only 6 months after Eddie broke his back. On this trip we started in Oahu for a few days and then flew to Maui for the remainder of the time.

   The second time was in September 2002. Sheena actualy travelled 175 degrees around the world from Nigeria for this vacation. On this trip we started again in Oahu for a few days where we celebrated our aniversary. From there we flew to Kaua'i and then on to the big island where we celebrated Sheena's birthday.

Eddie and Sheena


1997 -

2002 -

Eddie on Wiakiki beach in 2002 in front of the Hilton resort. A beautiful rainbow from our room in the Hilton. North shore   North shore   ??? beach near Honolulu
  A beautiful sunset from our room in the Hilton.          






  The road to the ??? falls. Steep hills and sharp curves!!!! Eddie and Sheena at the ??? falls The ??? falls  Stupid tourist photo at the ??? falls.   Beautiful Kaua'i beach.

Big Island of Hawaii


On top of Mauna Kia volcano in front of the observatories at 139XX feet The ??? observatory preping for a night of work.   Eddie and Sheena getting ready for the Luau.   Blow hole near the Kilauea volcano in Volcanoes National Park