Hackstaff Brothers Inc.

A Denver, Colorado Company for 75 Years
Originally located at:
875 Navajo Street
Denver, Colorado 80204
Phone: KEystone 3558 and later 266-0351

   In June 1947, Addison Hackstaff purchased Denver Fuel Supply from Harold C. Rutter. The corporation was formally formed on June 18th. Addison was the President, Howard Hackstaff was the Treasurer and Julia (Hackstaff) Calloway was the Secretary.

   In 1950, the company name was changed to Hackstaff Brothers Incorporated. Also in 1950, the company purchased a transport truck to get the fuel from Fontier Oil in Wyoming to Denver. Up to this time, Frontier Oil had been very unreliable in meeting the company gas delivery needs.

   In 1956 the company had had enough with trying to work with Frontier Oil and switched to Standard Oil. Also in this year, a 26 year old Dale Hackstaff (son of Addison and father of Eddie, me...) joined the company.

   In 1970 the fuel and parts supply portion of the business was liquidated and the property ownership and leasing continued.


Eddie and Sheena

Addison Hackstaff at his desk on the phone.

Addison in the yard. Not sure who's in the background.

Addison Hackstaff at his desk.

Addison with Ted Reiswig - Standard Oil Rep.

L to R - Howard Hackstaff, Addison Hackstaff, Dale Hackstaff

Dale and Lanny Metzger

Dale and Lanny Metzger

Dale and ?

Julia (Hackstaff) Calloway - the corporate secretary

An interview by Carl Akers for KMGH TV. L to R - Dale Hackstaff, A. L. "Mutt" Dean, and Carl Akers

One of the Hackstaff Bros. delivery trucks in the yard at 875 Navajo St.
Julia Calloway arriving in the yard with Teddy, the dog.
At a Standard Oil Dealer meeting. Identified are; Dale Hackstaff, Lanny Metzger, Cy Atteberry, Dick Stengel, Bud Belding and Addison Hackstaff "Dad".
The Hackstaff brothers and sister (1967). L to R - Addison, Cyrus, Julia, Jess and Howard
The Hackstaff Clan (1967). L to R - Mary & Cy, Jess (Margret taking photo?), Roy & Julia Calloway, Howard & Ruth, Larry, Margot, Addison & Ruth.

   During the period of the company, over 25 gas stations were owned, leased and/or franchised. Below is a list of some of the properties.

East Denver

315 So. Colorado Blvd.

1000 So. Gaylord St.

3055 No. Cherry Creek Dr.
Wiped out by the Cherry Creek Mall

Grand opening at the Cherry creek location celebrating the new "Robo" car wash. Ike Ridge (L).

Downtown Denver

2701 Champa St.
1300 Pennsylvania St.
2555 Larimer St.
1255 Speer Blvd.
13th Ave. & Speer Blvd.
This property was originally purchased in 1951 by Ruth W. Hackstaff (wife of Addison) and Carolyn "Coco" Hackstaff (wife of Richard Hackstaff) as an investment that they could lease back to Hackstaff Brothers.

West Denver

800 Mariposa St.
2650 W. 8th Ave
4240 W. 1st Ave
1st & Stuart St.
4101 Morrison Rd.
Morrison Rd & S. Quitman St.
5197 Morrison Rd.
Morrison Rd & Sheridan Blvd.
Also known as Hart's Corner
In 1952 the company bought the lease to the land and started construction of the gas station.
10th and Stuart
280 (and 290) So. Union Blvd.
So. Union Blvd. & W. Cedar Dr

South Denver

1001 W. Mississippi Ave.
W. Mississippi Ave & S. Jason St.
1100 W. Evans
2796 W. Evans
1899 So. Broadway
401 So. Broadway
1470 So. Lipan St.

North Denver

4949 Lowell
5208 W. 26th Ave
26th & Sheridan
The property was sold in 1997.
33rd & Zuni
32nd & Perry
7701 W. 44th
6802 Wadsworth Blvd.
Wadsworth Blvd. & W. 68th Ave.
Grand opening of the new location.

Dale waiting on customers and washing windows.

Lanny Metzger waiting on customers and washing windows.
Dale waiting on another car.
After the service station was torn down and replaced with just a gas station. BP station in the 2000's
2016 - The Corner Store before it was converted to a Circle K.
Sheena Hackstaff filling up at the Corner Store.
Install of the new Robo car wash. Dale (L) & Bud Belding (R)

Englewood and Littleton

900 E. Hampden

The original Frontier Oil station.

The change over to a Standard Oil station. The sign on the building has not been updated yet.

The change over to a Standard Oil station. A worker is working on the new sign.

3898 So. Broadway
4100 So. Federal Blvd.
So. Federal Blvd & W. Oxford Ave.
In 1958 the company bought the lease to the land and started construction of the gas station.
5200 So. Sante Fe Dr.
Sante Fe DR near E Belleview Ave.
Wiped out by the Sante Fe/Belleview expansion

The April 1959 fire.


???0 Brighton Blvd.
14000 E. Colfax
Wiped out by I225
Gilmer Property

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