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The Seine and Notre Dame at Night
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The flag of France

   While living in Europe, we were able to take several trips to France; three trips to Paris, three trips to Strasbourg, one trip to the Champagne region, and one trip along the Northern coast. Paris was by far the easiest location to reach from Düsseldorf. All we had to do was take the Thalys train directly to Paris, a 5-hour trip. Eddie's only regret about France was that after taking French lessons for six years, he couldn’t speak it good enough.

   Additionally, Sheena has just finished working in Paris. She traveled back and forth to Paris for six months, working and living there for approximately fours months while contracting to Exxon Mobil. She really enjoyed Paris and was able to see sights and places we didn't have the time to visit while living in Germany. Eddie was able to visit her two times while she was there, using up almost all of her frequent flier miles doing so. His French was a little better than when we lived in Germany, having taken French lessons at our local Alliance Francaise branch. See the Paris link for more on Sheena's ventures and what it was like to actually live and work in Paris.

   During Sheena's last trip to Paris in December, Eddie flew into Frankfurt, Germany where she met him for the 2003 Christmas holidays. She took the high speed Thalys train from Paris to Frankfurt, and had a great time looking out the window at the countryside and watching the sunrise. During our holidays this past year, we traveled to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, Strasbourg, France, and then back to Frankfurt for the New Year. We had a great time and it was a great ending to her contract with Exxon.

Eddie and Sheena