Cars, they come and they go just like phases of our lives. Looking closely at many of the cars we've owned, we can trace many of life's event. Growing up with our first rides, cars marking adventures and challenges we've taken on. The following is a little walk through our lives as seen from our cars.

  1965 Buick Skylark
1976 - 1983: This was where it all started. A smart-ass kid (Eddie) working at Bow Mar Standard complaining that he wanted a car. John Huoy (sp?) asked, "What kind of car?". Eddie's reply, "A convertible." John's response, "Buy me a Mountain Dew and you have one." Needless to say the rest is history. Eddie bought his 1st car for 25 cents.
  This is the beginning. This was the pretty side. The only 2 matching hub caps and all the trim. The other side not so good.   Eddie did the body work and had it painted and even got 4 matching hub caps. Still has a classic bench seat in the front.   Eddie doing the weekly detailing. The Buick has taken on a new look. Mag wheels, another paint job and new chrome.
  The new bucket seats, stereo and steering wheel.   The engine compartment painted and everything detailed an chrome.  The Buick on vacation in Minnesota.    
  197? Datsun B210 Pickup
198? - 198?: This one we actually bought for Leslie, but I drove it a lot.
  This is on the four wheel drive road that goes over James Peak. This is where I decided to park. My dog Barney was only too happy to get out for some fresh air.    
  197? Dodge
198? - 198?: Eddie co-owned a Dodge (?) with Jim W. when it was abandoned at Bow Mar Standard, the gas station that we were working at.
  I've got to be honest, I don't think I ever got photos of this car.    
  1972 Chevy Nova
198? - 198?: This was purchased for $500 after Eddie found out the engine he was building for the Buick wouldn't fit. He sold the 258 to Steve Jones for $250 and popped the 400 ci into this. He called it his spotted trout. But damned fast.
  The spotted trout when Eddie was selling it.   The 400ci small block ready to go in.   All nestled in place and looking better than the rest of the car.
  1971 Pontiac T37
198? - 198?: Eddie bought this car from his Grandparents.
 Not a great photo of the T37, but it's all I've found so far. This is a photo of Mark Brown making an alternate start to a vague South Platte climb.   I don't think there are any other photos of this car.  
  1983 Jeep CJ7
1984 - 2000: This was the most fun vehicle of all time. Physically abusive, but fun.
    Eddie's CJ7 Jeep parked at the start of the switch backs near Mt. Huron.  
         The final photo! The Jeep was traded in for the 2000 Chevy S10 after returning from Germany.
  1991(?) Acura Integra
1991 - 1996(?): This was Sheena's car that she purchased before Eddie.
  Sheena's Integra saw a lot of miles to the trail heads. Much more comfortable than the CJ7.   This is what happens when you knock out your oil pan on rough mountain roads. This was at the Westcliff property with Sheena and mom and dad Hackstaff looking on. FYI, the tow truck also got stuck.   The Acura visiting Canyon Lands Utha.
  1996(?) Acura 2.5TL
1996(?) - 1998:
  2000 Acura 3.2TL
2000 - 2007: Sheena bought this car after coming home from Germany and sold it when she moved to England.
  2000 Chevy S10 Pickup
2000 - 2007: Eddie bought this car after coming home from Germany and sold it when he moved to England. It was a big change from the old CJ7 and it hauled a lot of remodeling lumber.
  1996 Vauxhall Astra Sport
2007 - 2009 (England):
  199? Ford Fiesta
2008 - 2008 (England):
    Even small cars are challenged to fit into UK garages.   One more reason for a small car. Getting out of the parking area.
  2008 Nissan Note
2008 - 2009 (England):
  2009 SmartCar Cabrio Limited 3 (Special Edition)
2009 - ... (England): Can you say "FUN"? All right, maybe not one of the smartest purchases considering program cuts were made 4 days after the purchase.
  We had a great time driving the convertible around Yorkshire  The sport suspension makes the curves a hoot!   Eddie wanted a SmartCar since he first check them out in Germany in 1998
After having canceled the SmartCar order in the States when we decided to move to England, we just had to buy one here.