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Welcome to Belgium!


The flag of Belgium

The background image of one of the windmills in Brugge

   BELGIUM!!!!! What a country! I spend how many years in school studying geography and nobody explained Belgium to me.

   The land of beer (for Eddie), lace (for Sheena) and chocolate (for both of us); and the Belgians will speak what ever language you need!

   While living in Dusseldorf, Belgium became one of our favorite quick day trips.


Welcome to Brussels

July 1999

   While most of our trips to Belgium were to Brugge, we couldn't miss taking a weekend in to Brussels. While in Brussels, Eddie had to make a quick trip to a stamp dealer that happened to have the $5 value stamp from the U.S. Columbian series of 1898. Considering how much $5 was in 1898, this was quite a rare stamp and completed the Columbian series in his stamp collection.

          Eddie having just bought his $5 Columbian stamp. It took about a decade, but he finally completed the set from the US 1898 set.
  Remodeling - Euro style! They preserve the classic exterior architecture while bringing the interior into the modern age. Amazing!   Sheena enjoying a little KFC in the park on the drive back to Germany.   The view of the TBD town from the park.    

Welcome to Brugge

June and November 1999

   Known as the Venice of northern Europe, Brugge is a city laced with canals.

         A colorful art exhibit in the water.

Welcome to Antwerp

March 2000

   The diamond capitol of the world. A dagerous place to take a woman and a check book. Our first trip was just a day trip to a jeweler with our friends Candy and Conrad. They introduced us to Norbert VanDurme at Tako Ganochi, the most stunning jewelry store we had ever visited.


Welcome to Ieper

September 1999

   On our drive to Normandy with Mom and Dad Hackstaff, we stopped in Ieper, Belgium where we were able to visit several WWI memorials.