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One of the many overlooks along the roads in Tirol


Welcome to Austria

August 31 - September 2, 1998

   After our stay in Strasburg and the Black Forrest, we found ourselves in a small town called Erwald, in the Tirol region of Austria. After going on a hike from the town, into the Alps to see a waterfall, we decided that this was the place to stay. We got a room with a balcony at the Panorama-Blick gasthaus/pension (small hotel with breakfast included) that was the highest place you could get to by car on the Zugspitz (Germany's highest mountain). Several trails left right from the gasthaus.

   The first full day in Ehrwald was the first big hike in the Alps. It started by taking the Ehrwald-Almbahn to the small resort town of Ehrwald Alm. From there, the hike followed a long trail along the southern slopes of the Zugspitz to the Steinernes Hut. The hut was a fantastic step back in time. The hüttsoupe (hut soup) was cooked over a wood stove. The man of the Hut welcomed all the hikers with Schnapps followed by a selection of beers from the ice cold animal trough. After a hot lunch and drinks, the trail wandered down into the valley past waterfalls and pools. The hike was a little longer than planned and we missed the last Ehrwald-Almbahn back to Ehrwald. Trying to hike/run to catch the bahn resulted in a need to stop at the resort for more beer and food before the long hike down the mountain to the gasthaus.

   We took a half day break from hiking and went to Innsbruck. It was a very nice city and we got to visit the Alpine Museum. After a little while in the hustle, bustle and noise of the city, we were quick to return to the quiet town of Erwald. That night we had dinner at a four star hotel there in Erwald, and it came out to about $30 each. The next morning we left for Garmisch, Germany.


  A farm house along the drive.   Sheena at a lake along the way.   Eddie relaxing at a valley overlook.   A view of the valley from the hotel.   A postcard showing a view of the Panorama-Blick hotel
  The trail rising above the ski resort of Ehrwald-Alm   A difficult situation at the gate. Finally an older lady came along and whacked the hell out of the cow while walking it away from the gate by the horns. Eddie and Sheena were quick to follow before the cow realized what had happened and wanted revenge.   The trail along the slopes of the Zugspitz   Sheena well dressed for the weather. Wind/rain/sun...   Looking at the Zugspitz and an alpine hut on the slopes.
  Sheena resting on the bench above the Steinernes Hut.   Eddie enjoying the food and drinks at the hut before heading down into the valley.   A postcard of the Steinernes hut.    
  The summit of the Zugspitz from the deck of the building.   Eddie heading up the ladder.   Eddie at the summit   Sheena on the deck below the summit.